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Course Blog

September – October

Current work on the course:
Greens have now been cored, top-dressed, over-seeded and fed and temporary greens have been cut into place. Cores from the greens  have been spread into dips, hollows and bad wet ground.
New front, middle and back flag system is now in place and a new 2nd practice net is now available at the practice area. Tree Stumps at Putting Lawn and 7/8 rough have now been removed
The drainage at 2nd, 8th and 11th is now complete. We have used the vibrating plate to place the Winter Tee Mats and will be monitored.
On Monday 9th October all Greens were sprayed for Disease and the greens have been fed to force seed to grow.
We plan to clear the area around the Island at the 16th and the water edge to be cleared for winter play. Greens are to be top-dressed with sand as soon as conditions permit.
We are currently working on a Replacement Machinery Programme for 2018.

Questions that have been asked

Rough height – This has been cut the same way for the last 6 years and is currently too wet for machinery to be cut and is  causing tracks.
Irrigation – System has been fully tested and no leaks have been found.
Drainage has been done to dry out areas at 2nd, 8th and 11th with further drainage to be approved at 8th and 9th.
Multi Mats – to be discussed.
Monday, 30th October play will commence from the 10th tee. Reason for this is the low sunlight in eyes at the 1st tee and speed up play as it gives the front 9 time to dry out. Winter mats will be used when weather conditions dictate.

Rainfall Figures for July to September

Month 2016 mm 2017 mm % Increase
July 98 127.8 30
August 68 124.6 83
September 96.8 145.2 50

The average rainfall July, August and September being up 54%.

Average rainfall August and September being up 67%.

These figures have been taken from the website metoffice.gov.uk/climates/uk/summaries.